• For all membership questions contact Chun Lee (CR-Engineering). He will be able to let you know if your dues are up or give you a form if you or a friend is interested in joining ASHRAE.

  • To apply online click here

  • Benefits of joining ASHRAE

    • Networking
      Great way to network into the industry, whether you are interested in sales, design build, or MP engineering design there is not better way to get your name and face out to future employers. We have members that are located all over Northern Nevada as well as some parts of California.

      For students looking for internship and future jobs, this is a great source for you.

    • Education
      This chapter is lucky enough to always get a strong group of presenters for every monthly meetings. The presenters are all experts in their topics and are all able answer questions you may have about certain topics and the likeliness that you will learn something is quite high.

    • Discounts
      Members are able to get discounts at certain hotels, car rentals, and even discounts on the online ASHRAE bookstore, which provides a lot of videos and books from an industry standard source.

    • Information
      Members get one ASHRAE book a year. But they also get a monthly ASHRAE magazine which has an abundance of information on research and cutting edge technology.