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President's Message

PRESIDENT: Adrienne Thomle

Fellow Northern Nevada ASHRAE members,

Our first meeting of the year was held at the Twisted Fork and we had a great presentation on the future of refrigerants by Mike Williams from Trane. A huge thank you for all the attendees – we had good attendance considering it was the night before our 8th annual golf tournament.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants at the golf tournament and a special thank you to Bryan Tilton. Bryan does a wonderful job of running the golf tournament. Thanks Bryan!

This month we will again be meeting at the Twisted Fork at 5:30 for a dinner meeting on October 17th. The speaker’s topic is Adiabatic Cooling. And the featured member of the month will be John Bidga, our Treasurer, come and learn more about adiabatic cooling and why John is in the HVAC industry!  

November 22 (Friday evening) is our first annual Holiday Poker tournament. We will be at Great Basin’s Taps and Tanks on South Rock Blvd. There will be a buffet, raffle, games and of course Texas Hold’em Poker. The dinner and poker buy in is $75 per person. Not to worry if you do not know how to play, the poker host will have a table available for lessons prior to the start of the tournament. Bring lots of $$$ for poker buy in’s and raffle tickets. Guests and significant others are welcome and encouraged. As in the past, the Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation will receive 40% of our net as our annual holiday community giving campaign. Please consider sponsoring a poker table, more information to come on how to become a sponsor and how to sign up for the event.

Have a great month!




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President Elect Report

President Elect / Programs Chair - Alec Lyons

Thursday, October 17, 2019
This meeting will be held at the Twisted Fork
Dinner 5:30 to 8:00 PM  
Twisted Fork

1191 Steamboat Parkway, Reno, Nevada 89521

Register at:

Advanced registration $30, week of event $35, day of or at the door $40, student registration is $15.

Alex Schafer – Guntner

"Adiabatic Cooling"


Alex Schafer is regional sales manager for Guntner’s HVAC business line.  In this role he is responsible for communicating and promoting new technologies available in the HVAC market, with a focus on heat rejection equipment.  Prior to this role Schafer worked as a design engineer with Americold Logistics to design facilities for refrigerated warehouses and distribution centers.  He received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.  Schafer is also an active member of the Illinois Chapter of ASHRAE in Chicago, IL

Meeting Schedule: 

ASHRAE Meeting Dates for 2019-20





Monthly Theme




Mike Thompson Ingersoll Rand

Refrigerant Transistions

Welcome Back

Twisted Fork



Alex Schafer


Adiabatic Cooling

Membership Promotion


Twisted Fork






Research Promotion





Metraflex Co.

Seismic/Thermal Expansion


Twisted Fork






Past President's Night













Tour or Speaker













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Membership Promotions Chair Report


Happy Fall Y’all!                                         

This month we will be hosting our first Membership Promotions event of the chapter year in tandem with the dinner meeting at Twisted Fork on Thursday October 17th.  Please bring a guest – someone who you know could benefit from the many resources and tools available through membership!

Membership applications, brochures and on-line registration will be available at the meeting and I am happy to answer any questions you or your guest may have. ASHRAE also has a FANTASTIC Program for Student members with reduced rates for 3 years!

Here are some quick links to information and membership materials:





Some of the benefits of being a member include; ASHRAE Handbooks, ASHRAE Journal and publications, access to the ASHRAE Technology portal, meeting new people, networking with peers and participating in committees – OK so maybe you don’t really get some of those things – I may have embellished a little!  But there is one thing you definitely can get, learning.   See information below on what is available through ASHRAE Learning!


Is your PE license due for renewal?

For a limited time, take advantage of our Fall sale! Buy two individual courses— get one free! The sale starts TODAY, October 2nd and ends October 31st

This reduced pricing applies to both individual and corporate enrollments.

Once enrolled, you have 12 months to complete your training. Enter code FALL2019 to take advantage of this offer.

Learn More! 


ASHRAE eLearning is an approved Continuing Education provider for the American Institute of Architects (AIA), and a U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Education Partner. Continuing Education (CE) hours earned from ASHRAE eLearning may be applied toward maintenance of state-licensed professionals (architects and professional engineers) and LEED credentials.

For the complete eLearning catalog, please visit https://elearning.ashrae.org.


Individuals can register online at https://elearning.ashrae.org/ and immediately gain access. Companies can register employees by contacting [email protected], or calling 678-500-3917.


Thank you,


ASHRAE eLearning


Thank you for supporting YOUR Northern Nevada ASHRAE Chapter!


Diane Mitchell

2019-20 Northern Nevada ASHRAE Chapter Membership Promotions Chair


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Treasurer's Report


As of September 30th, 2019 the chapter account balance is (deleted by editor - we are solvent). 



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Research Promotion Chair Report


ASHRAE Members-

Let's start the 2019/2020 research promotion campaign by saying thank you to everyone that made the 2018/2019 campaign a very successful one by reaching our goal of $5,600. We still have not received our Chapter goal this year but it should still be around $5,600. I’d like to thank those that have contributed in the past, but we will need everyone’s help to reach our goal for this year. Please start thinking about what you can do as an individual to help our chapter do its part to support the research projects that help keep our industry moving forward by improving technology.

Please at a minimum take some time to request that your company support our chapter with a donation to the ASHRAE RP Campaign!

To make a contribution online please visit the following website:


Please bring donation to a meeting and give it to me there! You will receive receipt that can be used for tax-deduction purposes.

If you would like to see more information on how ASHRAE uses our donations you can visit https://www.ashrae.org/standards-research--technology/ashrae-rp and you will see that this world-wide effort also supports numerous projects within our region totaling over $1.4 million. This is a great cause that benefits us all and I hope that everyone will continue to help our chapter support it. If you know a specific research project you would like your money to go to, your donation can be bookmarked to that project.

With your help we can make the Research Promotions 2019/20 campaign more successful than the 2018/19 campaign

Thank you,

Sandor Duran, P.E., CEM



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Historian's Report

Historian: Dean Borges

Hi Everyone,

Northern Nevada Chapter held its first meeting for the new fiscal year on September 19, 2019 at Twisted Fork for a dinner meeting. President Thomle welcomed all to this meeting and reported we received many awards at CRC San Diego and reported the activities.

The main program was “Refrigerant Transitions” by Mr. Mike Thompson, Global Refrigerant Director for Ingersoll Rand.

Our annual Golf Event fund raiser will be held September 20, 2019 at Wolf Run Golf Course.

Everyone enjoyed the question and answer period.   

Best regards,


Dean S. Borges, Historian, 2018-19           





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Government Activities Chair Report

GAC Chair - Dave Wyllie

This month I'm reporting on the third quarter meeting of the Nevada Energy Code Collaborative.  The meeting was held on September 24th , these meetings are attended by several stakeholders in the energy codes for the state, and are run by Jim Meyers of the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP).  Minutes/highlights given here.

Study on RESNET Data in Nevada

Christine Brinker with SWEEP presented on the findings when analyzing three years of RESNET data for Nevada. SWEEP had procured this data from RESNET and all data was sanitized to remove any identifiable information such as address, builder, rater, etc. to see the scatter across the state. With the majority of data
from southern Nevada. The purpose of the study is to understand what is being constructed today (this data is from 2014-2016) and how codes align with energy code requirements.

Comparisons to ERI scores from the 2015 IECC (ERI – 51) and the 2018 IECC (ERI – 57) to understand how builders and trades are comparing to ERI code homes. And what steps can be taken to reach net zero. At time of the data pull most of the construction was under the 2012 IECC in Southern Nevada.

The findings include:

HERS data was 39% of all single family/duplex homes  
Average score was 63  

Wall insulation –

HERS </ 57 predominantly R13+4
HERS </51 predominantly R15+4

Assumption – lower scoring home can be reached
with 2x4 construction

Ceiling insulation –

HERS </ 57 predominantly R22
HERS </51 predominantly R22

Assumption – lower scoring home can be achieved
with conditioned attic & R22 attic insulation system
Windows – both 57 and 51 were using 0.29 u and </0.30 SHGC With the aged data the window industry continues to advance, and less efficient windows become unavailable

Air leakage –

HERS </57 homes reached 3 ACH
HERS </51 homes reached 3, 2.5, & 2 ACH

High number of homes were found to reach 3 ACH and second number were 3.5 & 4 ACH
Duct leakage – was difficult to analyze as majority of ducts are in conditioned space and duct leakage is not required by code.  

Cooling –

HERS </ 57 predominantly SEER 15
HERS </51 predominantly SEER 16


Heating –

HERS </ 57 predominantly 80 AFUE
HERS </51 predominantly 95.5 AFUE


The findings from this exercise show that small tweaks could achieve substantial improvements from HERS 63 to HERS 51. Also, she concludes that 2018 and 2015 ERI levels are possible and most likely probably with some changes to practices and components. Because of the ability to reach the lower HERS score it was assumed the Rater industry was instrumental in supporting changes in the design phase and we assume the industry is greatly underutilized. And finally, as local governments across the U.S. are implementing sustainability goals for buildings the ERI and HERS scores are good tools for communities to reach net zero goals.

Utility incentives were also discussed as an option to increase ERI/HERS and reducing scores further. Tom Polikalas of SWEEP shared that there are opportunities later this year with a new utility docket starting at the utility commission.

Zero Energy Ready Overview

Les Lazareck with Home Energy Connection discussed zero energy which aligned with the closing remarks from the previous discussion where communities are setting goals to reach zero energy. Les discussed what is zero energy and what are the definitions such as source, site, net zero, grid connected, zero energy ready, zero
electricity and others. Showing an example of a very low HERS, 19,house built in the valley in 2005 which had electric and gas costs from the respective utility grids.

The sweet spot for new construction may be DOE’s Zero Energy Ready Home where the home is 40-50% more efficient and is ready for renewables. It also must comply with IAQ, good water management practices, hot water optimization and air distribution, and scores in the high 40’s to low 50’s (which is achievable as found in the RESNET data analysis).

General Service Lighting Update

Robin Yochum with the Governors Office of Energy discussed the draft regulations to set a minimum efficiency standard for general service lamps sold on or after January 1, 2020 and defining what a general service lamp is. The regulations are a result of the passage of AB 54 in the 2019 legislative session. AB 54 changed requirements for general service lamps in NV effective January 1, 2020. The Governor’s Office of Energy is currently going through the rulemaking process in the state which includes a workshop on October 1st to gather public comments. Public comments can be submitted via a form which is available on the Governor’s
Office of Energy website under the Notices page.

Once the workshop is completed, the draft regulation and public comments will be submitted to the Legislative Council Bureau, where they will review the language and make any non-substantive changes, they deem necessary. Once LCB is complete with the review the regulation will be returned to GOE and the hearing
will be scheduled. The hearing is tentatively scheduled for December 18
for adoption of the draft regulation.

Recent rulemaking at the national level is perceived to have a potential impact on the adoption of the standards for general service lamps. In the recent rulemaking published in the Federal Register, the Department of Energy states that NV (and CA) is prohibited against adopting these standards, however this is DOE’s interpretation of the law under 42 U.S. Code 6295(i)(6)(A). The law clearly states that Nevada and California have a special exemption to adopt these standards effective beginning on or after January 1, 2018 if the DOE has not adopted standards at the federal level. The DOE is still in their rulemaking process, therefore Nevada can adopt these standards and definitions at the State level.

Additional information about the general service lamp regulation can be found at:
Additional Information about the U.S. Code can be found here:
(Page 68-69)

Update on the Residential Energy Code Field Study

Jim shared the update on the residential energy code field study and the upcoming kickoff meetings in October. There will be two meetings to support the state, one in Reno (10/16) and another in Las Vegas (10/17). Invitations will be sent the week of September 23rd. PNNL has developed sample sets of communities where houses can be sampled. A sample set of jurisdictions has been reviewed with comments from GOE. This sample set will be discussed at the meetings and opportunities for comments will be

The key items to be collected include (more can be added with discussions at the kickoff meetings)
Envelope tightness | Window SHGC | Window U-factor | Ceiling insulation | Lighting | Foundation insulation | Duct leakage.
As noted, there may be some components not applicable for the state or region of the state such as foundation insulation in climate zone 3. Data collection will occur in period one which ends October 2020, analysis by PNNL follows for a few months and then training occurs for another 12 months.

RSVP and Register for the meeting here:
Reno Meeting:

Las Vegas Meeting: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/southern-nevada-residential-energy-code-field-studykickoff-tickets-73444471391

Additional information about the DOE field studies and their methodology can be found at:

Upcoming Events

October 1-3, 2019 EEBA High Performance Home Summit 2019, Denver CO
EEBA is one of the oldest residential building education organizations in the USA.

October 9-11, 2019 Getting to Zero Forum, Oakland, CA
The Getting to Zero Forum is a solutions-focused event dedicated to zero energy and zero carbon buildings,
attracting 550+ leading policymakers, design professionals, building owners, systems manufacturers,
commercial real estate representatives and others working to define the future of the built environment.
October 16 & 17, 2019 – Residential Field Study kickoff meetings, Reno and Las Vegas
October 23-30, 2019 ICC Public Comment Hearings, Las Vegas (Rio Hotel and Convention Center), NV
The ICC Annual Business Meeting and 2021 IECC and IRC public comment hearings will be heard during this week.
The next meeting of the Collaborative will be held in December or January.


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Student Activities Chair Report

Student Activities Chair - Andrew Huie

Hello and Happy October! This month is a very busy month full of opportunities for the professionals of ASHRAE to connect with students!

We have a number of K-12 STEM Outreach events this month, including the Career Day at Depoali Middle School on October 18th. The Career Day at Depoali runs from 9:00 am to 11:00 am and includes a short presentation on your profession. Last year Diane Mitchell and I both signed up and did a double presentation for the students, giving them insight into a couple different areas of the industry.

ASHRAE will also be volunteering with the Sierra Nevada Journeys group throughout the year. SNJ brings Family STEM Nights to local elementary schools, and ASHRAE wants to be a part of it! This month there are two to participate in, one on October 8th at Nevada Connections Academy, and one on October 22 at the Honors Academy of Literature. Both of these events run from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm.

In college news, the UNR ASHRAE chapter is planning their second meeting of the school year and is looking to continue growing and giving engineering students the opportunity to learn about our industry. I am looking for any local professionals who would be interested in donating an hour of their time to come and present to the UNR chapter about ASHRAE, the profession you chose and the industry we work in. Guest speakers are a great driving force to get students signed up for ASHRAE, and it gives industry professionals the opportunity to help steer some of the young engineers towards HVAC related careers.

If you are interested in helping with Student Activities, or have any questions regarding anything related to Student Activities or Young Engineers in ASHRAE, feel free to reach out to me.


Andrew J. Huie

[email protected]


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Sustainability Chair Report

Report Provided by Diane Mitchell

Sustainability and Green Living Tips

There are many things that we can all do to help reduce our impact on the environment in addition to adhering to criteria established for LEED Certification when designing buildings.


  • Completely turn off TV’s and stereos when not using them
  • Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth
  • Let clothes dry naturally
  • Don’t use throw-away products like paper plates and plastic cups and utensils



  • Plant local species of trees, flowers and shrubs
  • Collect rainwater to water your garden
  • Explore water efficient irrigation systems. Sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation can be adapted to garden situations
  • Don't use chemicals in the garden - they will eventually end up in the water systems and can upset the delicate balance of lifecycles



  • Buy fruits and vegetables that are in season to help reduce enormous transport costs resulting from importing produce and, where possible, choose locally produced food
  • Bring your own bags to the grocery and re-use the plastic bags that create so much waste
  • Look for products that have less packaging



  • Print double-sided whenever possible
  • Always ask for and buy recycled paper if you can - for your business stationery and to use in your printers
  • Switch off computer monitors, printers and other equipment at the end of each day


 The USGBC offers a wealth of information and resources on their website. There are some great virtual meetings coming up in the next few months that you may be interested in.  Check out the events here:  USGBC Upcoming Events

Additionally, a free workshop for the new Reno C-PACE program was hosted through the City/ReEnergize Reno on September 30th at the Innevation Center. Primarily for energy efficiency and renewable energy contractors and project developers.  The goal of C-PACE is to help commercial properties finance energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.  Learn more about the program here:Reno C-PACE 

And of course an ASHRAE membership gives you access to many other tools and resources to assist in your everyday work challenges to ensure you are up-to-date on the most current regulations.Thank you so much – let’s keep it green ~


Diane Mitchell


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Technical Article

Northern Nevada Chapter ASHRAE
CTTC Technical Article
October 2019


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