October Chapter Meeting

October 22, 2020
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
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Please join us for an online training session, can be attended from the comfort of your home or wherever you are working/being during these days of social distancing!

This meeting will be held online via GoToMeeting
Access Information will be sent prior to the meeting  

Dan Rellihan-Plasma Air

“Bi-Polar Ionization”


Topic Description

During a pandemic, it’s crucial to determine accurate information.  Looking toward long standing institutions for guidance, such as ASHRAE, can help with finding accurate information.  In this presentation, we will cover Bi-Polar Ionization. Bipolar ionization is created when an alternating voltage source (AC) is applied to a special tube with two electrodes. When voltage is applied to the electrodes (like electricity is applied to a light bulb’s filament) and an ionization field is produced. However the ionization cannot be seen but its presence will result in “mountain air” freshness. Such ions occur naturally especially on mountain tops and waterfalls, where the production of both positive and negative ions purify the air.


Dan Rellihan is the Vice President Commercial Sales for Plasma Air International in Stamford, CT. A graduate from the University of Kansas, his 34- year HVAC career includes work as a Development Engineer, Inside Sales Engineer and Regional Sales Manager at Tempmaster Corporation in Kansas City from 1985 to 1988.  In 1988, he went to work for the Trane Company in Scranton, Pennsylvania as a Marketing Engineer.  In 1992, he relocated to Trane’s Waco, Texas facility where he served as Marketing Manager through 1993. In January 1994, he back to Kansas City as the new Product Marketing Manager for Ruskin Company. The next 21 years at Ruskin included numerous roles on the senior executive team and he joined Johnson Controls as a Channel Vice President in 2015 after JCI purchased Ruskin.  After JCI, Rellihan joined Plasma Air to grow their distribution network. 



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