Northern Nevada Chapter History by Dean S. Borges, Historian

May 2018 Meeting report:

NorthernNevada Chapter held its Chapter meeting on May 17th at Twisted Fork restaurant for an evening event. President Sandor Duran welcomed and introduced everyone.  A presentation on Critical Room Controls by Steve Duerkop – The presentation included an overview of pressurization control strategies, with applications such as containments, lab configurations, and healthcare environments.  Everyone enjoyed the discussion and Q&A period.   President Duran thanked everyone on his year as President and wished next year’s team to have a great time.


 Original History of Northern Nevada Chapter:

Chartered October 4, 1975, by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers, Incorporated as a Chapter in Region X as the Northern Nevada Chapter #126. Situated in Reno, Nevada officers were installed by Society President William Collins, Jr., Society Treasurer Bruno P. Morabito (Society President in 1977-78) the main speaker, Richard P. Perry Director and Regional Chair of Region X (Society President

in 1983-84), other Charter members, Harry Lay, Joe Beard, Don Luttrell, Bob Aldous, John Kuenzli II, James Gardner, William Bulkeley, William S. Peterson, Elliott Gritton, Cyril G. Hansen with a total of 24 local members attending. See photo below taken at the Hidden Valley Clubhouse.

The current President is Sandor Duran and the Chapter has an assigned membership of 71. The Chapter Newsletter is provided via email and through our website at www.nonevashrae.org .  The Chapter has three main fundraising events each year, a Sporting Clays Shoot (in April), a Golf Tournament (in August or September), and a Winetasting in December.  During the 2015-16 Society Year the Chapter celebrated its 40 Year Anniversary, with Matt Brennan as President.

Two scholarships are awarded yearly through a generous grant from the estate of Cyril G. Hansen from Truckee Meadows Community College and the University of Nevada, Reno and bears his name. Member Cyril G. Hansen, P.E. was honored to be recognized as a Fellow and received the Regional Award of Merit, Distinguished Service Award, served as Region X Director and Regional Chair (DRC) from 1987 through 1990, serving in all the Chapter leadership positions including Secretary and Board of Governor’s until his passing in 1999.

The Northern Nevada Chapter has hosted the Chapters Regional Conference three times.  The first was in 1983 at the MGM Grand Hotel (currently called the Grand Sierra) under John L. Harnack, P.E. (Southern California Chapter member) as the DRC, then in 1996 at Harvey’s Resort and Casino in South Lake Tahoe under Sukhdev S. Mathaudhu, P.E. (Tri-County Chapter, Charter Member) as the DRC, and in 2010 at the Peppermill Resort and Casino under Jack Zarour (San Jose Chapter member) as the DRC.

Past Presidents - Society Year

Harry L. Lay* 1975 (as interim president)

Joe M. Beard 1975-76

Bob Aldous 1976-77

John Kuenzli, II* 1977-78

Cyril G. Hansen* 1978-79 (DRC Region X 1987-90) A Tribute to Cyril G Hansen PECyril G Hansen

Robert McKee* 1979-80

William Bulkeley* 1980-81(5th anniversary President)

Gary Hennings 1981-82

Douglas M. Morrin 1982-83

D. Bruce Nipp 1983-84

Frank D. Ellis 1984-85

Jacqui Loforte 1985-86 (First Woman President in Region X)

Dean S. Borges 1986-87 (DRC Region X 1996-99)History of Dean S. Borges, P.E. in ASHRAE

Richard E. Sasek 1987-88 (RVC Education Rg X 1988-91)

Allen Giesbrecht 1988-89

Mark Stanton 1989-90

Larry Green 1990-91 (15th anniversary President)

Shellie Haldeman 1991-92 (Second Woman President in Chapter)

Thomas J. Buchko 1992-93

Sandra A. Crocket 1993-94 (Third Woman President in Chapter )

Douglas P. DeAngeli 1994-95 (Region X Treasurer 1996-99)

Kevin M. McKeegan 1995-96 (20th anniversary President)

Michael D. Lotspeich 1996-97

Thomas Awalt 1997-98

Cary Peterson 1998-99

Arnold Etchemendy 1999-2000

John “Ed” Fitzpatrick 2000-01 (25th anniversary President)

Trevor Benbow 2001-02 (Society Gov’t Activities Winner)

Kelli S. Newton 2002-03

Eric V. Hebel 2003-04

Erik J. Rose 2004-05

Donald West 2005-06 (30th anniversary President)

Andy Jones 2006-07

Jace Cook 2007-08

Candice George 2008-09

Brenna Smith 2009-10

Brandon Etchemendy 2010-11 (35th anniversary President)

Chris Little 2011-12

Bryan Tilton 2012-13

Jason Bender 2013-14

Dave Wyllie 2014-15

Matt Brennan  2015-16 (40th anniversary President)

Chun Lee  2016-17 http://nonevashrae.starchapter.com/images/articles/Historians_Report_Chun_Lee_Leadership_Recall_NoNv_4-19-2018.pdf

Sandor Duran - Present

(* – denotes deceased
past chapter presidents)

Charter Night – October 4, 1975

Hidden Valley Clubhouse, Reno, Nevada

Back Row (left to right): Cyril G. Hansen, James Gardner, Joe
M. Beard, Don Luttrell, Bob Aldous, Harry Lay.

Front Row: Bruno P. Morabito, William Collins, Jr., Richard P.